How To Maintain Your Steam Mop

How To Maintain Your Steam Mop

If you’ve bought your ideal steam mop, it is important that you look after it properly to ensure it stands the test of time. Without the right steam mop maintenance, you may find that your unit stops working properly.

If this happens, your mop will not do its duty, thus leaving you with dirty surfaces that are covered in bacteria and therefore harmful to your loved ones.

Mop maintenance.

Steam Mop Maintenance

Here are some ways you can make sure that your steam mop stays in good working order:

Use Distilled Water

By using normal tap water, mineral deposits such as limescale can start to build up on the inside of your steam mop1. The best way to avoid this is by using distilled, or purified water. The cheapest way to this is to install a water filter to your tap.

Do Not Use Chemicals

The whole point of a steam mop is that it does not require any chemical-based detergents or bleach to get the job done.

Whatever you do, do not add any of these substances to your mop pad or water tank. This may harm the unit and void its warranty.

Clean Your Water Tank

While you may not have to do this very often, cleaning your water tank will keep it smelling fresh. Remember to always empty the water from the tank after every use and be sure that the water is cool enough to touch before attempting to clean it.

Clean Your Water Tank

Clean The Steam Nozzle

The steam mop nozzle may get blocked by residue or mineral build up. The best way to know if this has happened is to monitor how quickly the steam is escaping your mop. If it is escaping more slowly than usual, your nozzle is most likely blocked.

If this happens, clean your steam mop with vinegar and purified water and then stick a small object into the mop head to loosen up the deposit that is stuck inside it. Continue this process until the nozzle is clear. Be sure to check the nozzle is cool before attempting to clean it.

Clean The Mop Pads

If you have machine washable pads make sure you clean them after every single use. Once they are clean, be sure to put them out to dry. If you do not dry them properly they will eventually become moldy and unusable.

Clean Mop Pads

Also, if you choose to use them despite them being moldy you will leave a nasty smell across your entire home. You may also damage your steam mop.


If your steam mop is not working correctly it is likely that it has a blockage somewhere. While knowing how to unclog a steam mop is essential, avoiding the problem altogether is far more efficient.

To avoid any problems with your unit follow all the steam mop maintenance guidelines mentioned above. Make sure you clean you steam mop after every use and store it in a cool, dry place away from pets, children, and sticky fingered neighbors.

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